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Don't be impressed by perfection but rather by the beauty of imperfection.
- Sh

Hi There!

I am an advocate, entrepreneur, special educator and writer who is striving to create new and meaningful initiatives using the wide range of expertise in the areas of special needs education and community building that I have gained throughout my career.

My journey has taken me from the founding of  Special Children’s Educational Institute (SCEI) in 1996, to the development of the ParentsPlus app in 2019, with a diversity of projects in between. I hope to continue to be a catalyst of positive change for special children and their families, and to work toward their integration into a supportive social network.  

ParentsPlus Web App

ParentsPlus is a cross-platform application developed to assist parents of special needs children in scheduling, documenting and sharing their child’s needs and requirements with their near and dear ones. Its main aim is to reduce the burden on these parents by making it easier for them to ask for help from their community members, who may feel overwhelmed fearful about becoming involved. ParentsPlus helps to provide the information they would need to know first-hand, by compiling it and presenting it through an easily accessible user interface.  The app will be released in May 2019 on iOS and Android.

Work with Saima

Learn from Saima’s experience overcoming cultural and financial limitations to provide educational sustainability in the most challenging student population.


What they are saying!

Sam Aunty is one of the most enthusiastic and committed individuals I have had the honor of interacting with. Her focus on continuous improvement and innovation sets her apart in her endeavors. Her commitment to the betterment of special education and inclusivity is exemplary and it has been a great learning experience to have worked with her.

Madiha Mohammed Najib

M.S.Ed International Educational Development 

Reading the texts of  her poems introduces us to a new and remarkable
dimension of  Saima's persona . We were previously aware of her keen interest
in education and social uplift . But the poems reflect a deep , authentic
concern for the historic biases suffered by girls and women in South Asia, and in most parts of Pakistan even today in the 21st century.

Javed Jabbar

Author,  Journalist